Unique air-open, insulating breather membrane.

PhotonAir is an air-open reflective insulating breather membrane which combines the thermal performance of multifoil insulation with Klober Permo® air underlay, for use on the cold side of the building in roofs and walls.

  • Upgrades thermal performance without the risk of condensation
  • No Vapour Barrier needed, no counter-battening required
  • Air-open membranes allow more water vapour to pass than air-closed membranes


Thin, reflective insulation at a price you want to pay.

PhotonFoil is a thin, reflective composite insulation for loft conversions, timber frame and re-roofing projects. An excellent vapour and air leakage barrier with a high density glass wool core and low emissivity outer layers.

  • Core R value with 2 air spaces 2.35 M2K/W
  • 0.18 U-value with 65mm foiled rigid insulation
  • Easy to cut and screws without snagging


The breathable version of PhotonFoil, designed for cold side installation.

PhotonFrame is a highly breathable thin reflective, composite insulation designed for installation on the cold side of timber frame structures. PhotonFrame is constructed with a high density glasswool core encased in micro-perforated low emissivity outer layers:

  • Core R value with 2 air spaces 2.35 M2K/W
  • 0.17 U-value with 140mm λ 0.035 glasswool timber frame stud
  • Water vapour resistance 0.22 MN.s/g.m

Find out more on these subjects in our FAQs or here for CAD/PDF drawings