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The breathable version of PhotonFoil, designed for cold side installation.

PhotonFrame is a highly breathable thin reflective, composite insulation designed for installation on the cold side of timber frame structures. PhotonFrame is constructed with a high density glasswool core encased in micro-perforated low emissivity outer layers.

PhotonFrame was developed to fill a technical niche for our timber frame housing customers who typically use PhotonFoil (AVCL) on the warm side of a wall but wanted a breathable version to install on the cold side.

Whilst PhotonFrame was developed for timber frame new build housing it has been specified into a few more interesting Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) projects where energy and moisture management is critical; it is surprising how many applications can be found for it!

PhotonFrame can also be installed in combination with PhotonFoil to deliver Passivhaus standards of insulation with regular 140mm glass filled studs.