LABC Registered Details - assured compliance. The PDF links in the table below will open individual detailed solutions under the scope of registration of LABC Registered Detail Certificate: EW 364A.

Solutions PhotonFoil PhotonFoil3D
ApplicationU ValueRafters/ StudsPIRGlasswool
Roof Pitched,under rafter with secondary insulation   0.18   400 80mm 140mm
600 70mm 130mm
  0.16  400 100mm 165mm
600 90mm 155mm
Flat   0.18   400 95mm 150mm
600 85mm 145mm
  0.16   400 115mm 180mm
600 100mm 165mm
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Walls Dwarf Wall   0.20    600 100mm
  0.17    70mm
Dormer cheek   0.22    600 100mm
  0.19    70mm
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