Should I be concerned about fire risks when using multifoil insulation?

Post-Grenfell, there has been concern about the potential of insulation materials to pose a fire risk.

PhotonFoil/Frame/Air: "Materials of limited combustibility"

PhotonFoil/Frame/Air insulation composites are defined by The Building Regulations 2010 Approved Document B (Fire safety)Table A7 Click to see section of document as "Materials of limited combustibility" i.e. any material with a non-combustible core at least 8mm thick having combustible facings (on one or both sides) not more than 0.5mm thick.

PhotonFoil/Frame/Air insulation composites have a 33mm thick glasswool A1 non-combustible core with outer layers less than 0.5mm thick.

The Building Regulations 2010 Approved Document B also defines Plasterboard as a material of limited combustibility.

Conventional multifoils

Unlike PhotonFoil/Frame/Air, traditional multi-foil insulation products have a core made from plastic composites, mainly polyester, and are classed as "combustible" by The Building Regulations.

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